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Importance of History

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History can be defined as a chronological account of events affecting an human being or a group of people, and tries to explain the causes. Current happenings are mostly a sum of past happenings be it good or bad that had happened in the past. History is not only important to individuals but also to societies too, and helps us analyze current situations and predict future happenings. The theory is also used to evaluate people for the best way to understand a person is by looking at his/her history. We have to understand what made them who they are by analyzing how they think and act, to avoid getting a wrong impression of them.

The concept can be applied when evaluating countries too, as was the case in Iraq's war with the United States. The US failures in Iraq were mostly brought about by limited information on the country and its history. As William Lund, a famous scholar said, "We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future." History also helps to make a record of past happenings so as one does not repeat past mistakes. If a bias is included in historical data, it should be corrected to avoid misleading the future generation. What happened in the past should not be denied and in fact, we should use the knowledge to solve mysteries in the modern world. Previously history has been used to solve criminal cases and expose religious mischief.

We have interest in history for various reasons. History helps in education curriculum for students pursuing archeology and history related courses. While designing a syllabus, the professors research on past happenings, and choose the educative facts of history to teach the students. The lecturers too have to learn and understand the events for them to pass the knowledge to students. Archeologists and historians use the information on past activities to evaluate causes of the happenings then give reports and solutions.

It is human nature to be willing to learn historical events, people's origin. There is curiosity of what led to the society's current position and that of the world at large. Knowledge of what happened, and who were involved gives one a sense of belonging, for it is easier to use the information as references for various decisions. Humans are mainly interested in culture, the people, and the time the events happened. Information is mostly passed orally, though pictures and writings are better narratives for they can be used for reference.

History can be used for historic reasons too to evaluate strategies used by historical politicians, and use them to solve current political conflicts. Politicians use quotes and strategies originating from ancient political figures like Martin Luther King, and Marcus Garvey to plan their moves. Historians try to analyze past thinkers and give their opinions on the same, by criticizing or adding information. People who believe historic theories are



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