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Importance of Managerial Communication

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Essay Preview: Importance of Managerial Communication

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An occupied bank cashier behaves rude to the customer. The angry customer reviews about this in Facebook which is seen and evaluated by other thousand probable customers which makes bank loose its sale. Things like this happen nearly every day in every sphere which is brought by communication incompetency. These communication incompetency gives output to stress at the workplace, unmet expectations, dissatisfied clients which however is not desired by anyone. For solving these in competencies and improving our quality of communication, we have availability of subjects like: managerial communication which basically shows importance of accurate communication, improves dealing with communication problems in the organization and leads organization to improve its strategy. Graduating a management degree and having known from my own business environment I know managerial communication as a core aspect in business and getting to learn this subject is a leverage for me.

Being born and raised under the close proximity of my parents, who have always been involved in the field of trade, whole heartedly, I started growing interest in business from a very early age and now when I think of years that I spent helping my father in business, the foremost thing I did was to communicate. I have to do it now and I will have to do it tomorrow. And the points in this course have enhance my communication skills somehow and magnify my objectives towards learning communication.

A very big percentage of the activities a manager carries out within an organization are represented by the communication activities (Smeltzer and Hynes, 1994).

I have a gold store and a small silver company which requires dealing a lot of time on providing customer service: greeting customers, recommending products, resolving complaints, answering customers, clarifying customers and taking orders I have to be able to know what customer wants or needs .Moreover, I have to be able to sell products and I must be persuasive and convincing to make them certain about purchasing my goods. For an example, for the recurring customers who are hard to please or convince I try to please them with welcoming remarks ,give them a personalized space and sometimes offer them with drinks so I could improve communication and persuade them.

For the people who work under me, I have a sense of responsibility for them. The orders which needs to be delivered are the outcomes which is based on their inputs which have direct impact on my organizations growth. Good communication gives good interpersonal relations which is taught by Managerial communication through which we get things done by becoming a respectful communicator. More of a time we have to think to whom we are speaking and consider how they liked to be approached.


(Smeltzer and Hynes, 1994). Functions and forms of managerial communication



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