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In the Century of Xiv

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in the century of XIV, the aztecs discovered a gigantic city - but it was abandoned in a valley. The name of the place is Teotihuacan, the city of GODS. It's a mystery about the people that built this city and it's pyramids and temples. From the sculptures and ceramics that were left behind seems like they were peaceful people. It seems like this city was built from a master plan. It's central avenure is the Avenure of the Dead, From the backstreets Avenure exit as a square, Around the central avenure are ruins of luxuary homes, outdoor areas and simple homes. In the side of the Avenure of the Dead on one side of the Avenure of the Dead - the largest ndustry was probably a market. Archaeologists think traders arrived here from other parts of Mexico to buy obsidian and pottery in this city, Teotihuacan, and to sell their own products. Teotihuacan was the largest urban center and important in the central valley of Mexico during the pre-Columbian era. It had a population of more than one hundered and firfty thousand people around the third or fourt century. But the approximate amount a year is seven hundered fifty, for reasons unkown today. The city was burned, destroyed, then finally, abandoned.



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