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Incongruity Case

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The Cherry Orchard is a story of Chekhov, who described all characters very differently and each has a unique set or roles in the play. Cherry orchard is the main thought of everyone in the family. It is one priceless, one of a kind thing. It is a joint family who lives happily together until Ranevsky (who is the owner of the entire estate) son die after his father's dead. Then everyone gets separated. Ranevsky was off to Paris, she returned to Russia after a suicide attempt provoked by her lover. Lopakhin, is a rich merchant, whose grandfather was once a serf in Renevsky estate. He is the character who constantly in charge of driving the play forward. He is a character full of details, plans, and action. The Cherry Orchard servants are very unpredictable. Dunyasha, a maid on the Ranevsky estate. Always talks about her beauty, her sensitiveness and how delicate and tender she is. It is very unpredictable who she will fall for. Yasha, is the young manservant. Simon, is a clerk at Ranevsky estate, he loves Dunyasha to whom he has proposed. There is an incongruity (when something we expect to match something else does not) in very character mentioned. The story is written and portrayed in a way that we know this particular thing will happen but it doesn't. The Cherry Orchard is a comedy because characters are happy and fun-loving in their own way that what makes the Cherry Orchard comedy and not an emotional drama.

Lopakhin is very straight forward and busy. He thinks about business every time. In the story of Cherry Orchard, his main focus and his main idea was either sell this orchard or lease it. Firstly, he say to cut down the orchard because it isn't any use to anybody "you'll have to put things straight, and clean up.... You'll have to pull down all the old buildings, and cut down the Cherry orchard" (Chekhov I). He surely can't appreciate the value of the orchard's beauty. He grows increasingly impatient with Ranevsky as she refuses to see the solution he suggests and does nothing to save the estate. The incongruity here is the man who used to say to cut down the Orchard, he eventually buys the estate at the auction."But they then try to stop "progress" when the common folk try to cut these trees down, as Lopakhin will later do in the Cherry Orchard" (Baehr 100) and he rejoices in owning the estate. "My god, my god, the cherry orchard's mine"! (Chekhov IV).

Simon, Dunyasha, and Yasha are connected in a love triangle. Simon, who love and propose to the lady Dunyasha. And in the story as it showed, Dunyasha is excited about the proposal and it showed she likes him too. "I don't know what to think about it. He loves me, he loves me so much" (Chekhov I). The incongruity I feel was a twist when the audience came to know that Dunyasha likes Yasha."



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