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India Pakistan Kashmir Problem

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Essay Preview: India Pakistan Kashmir Problem

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Problem Definition


-where we are- Shaky relation with Pakistan

-where we need to be- Good open relations with Pakistan

Problem-In what ways can we improve relations with Pakistan!!



Stakeholders of the problem



Kashmir people

Rest of the world

The Pakistan problem has multiple stakeholders which includes India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Rest of the world.

Looking at the stakeholders listed, one realizes that the stakes of each stakeholder aren't identical!

The economic benefit for Pakistan would be huge whereas not of such magnitude for India, whereas if improved relations curb cross border terrorism the effect is reversed.

Kashmir: the azadists of Kashmir may see improved Indo-Pak relation in two ways. They may feel that

1. There is no definitive formulation of wicked problem(problem id=solution)

Let try to formulate Indo-pak problem. Why are the relations strained?

1. Kashmir issue

2. Cross border terrorism

3. Mutual distrust - Indo-Pak wars in past, Khalistan issue, Baluchistan issue, Nuclear/arms race

4. politicians either side of the border and their vested interests

Can these be solved ? If yes how? If not why?

Answers to each question will actually have implicit answer in it stopping rule

Kashmir issue-Change people mindset-Develop patriotism-engage in welfare-deploy more resources-find resources ..........

Kashmir issue-accede kashmir-explain to nation-maintain law and order-reinforce trust in sovereignity-subdue similar demands-change people mindset-develop patriotism.............

Cross border terrorism-apply diplomatic pressure-make rest of world pressurize-increase counter terrorism measures-increase budget spending..............

3.Solutions are not true or false

There can be no good solution.,....

Cede ground in diplomatic talks---- public wrath in India

Gain ground by ceding ground elsewhere------some



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