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The Realation Ship Between India and Pakistan

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Essay Preview: The Realation Ship Between India and Pakistan

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The Relationship between India and Pakistan

By Mohamed Eid Hassan

The relationship between India and Pakistan varied since independence of Indian sub-continent. Britain dismantled the Indian empire to India and Pakistan. The animosity between India and Pakistan has its roots religion and history by the long running conflict about the state Jammu and Kashmir issue. In the past it was conventional war and sometimes it was just tension on the frontier border but the recent days the tension escalated to nuclear rivalry.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir had not decided after independence from the rule of British Empire to join to which new dominions, India or Pakistan. Both countries believe that Jammu and Kashmir belongs to them and both of them have their reasons. The first war between them started in 1947 and from that time the dispute continued. In 1971 the relationship deteriorated when Pakistan descended into civil war after East Pakistan demanded autonomy and later independence. India invaded East Pakistan in support of its people after about 10 millions of civilians fled to India. More than 90000 Pakistani soldiers became prisoners of war after this invasion. Because of that East Pakistan became the independent country of Bangladesh.

The regional tension in 1989 leaded to emergence of militant Muslim group which armed resistance against India rule in the Kashmir valley. This movement began to enlarge in numerical when Islamic "Jihadi" fighters who had fought in Afghanistan against The Soviet Union in the 1980s and they had the experiences and the latest weapons from USA which supported them against the Soviet conquered and dominance. Related to this new circumstance when the confrontation between India and Pakistan reduced by any accord to work through issues bilaterally and working groups we find the terror attacks occurred all over the world.

The arms races between the rivals escalated dramatically in the 1990s after both sides conducted nuclear tests. Other countries since that time eager to possess deterrent weapons such as Iran and Libya against any potential threat.

In conclusion the arms race between India and Pakistan courage the arms race in the Middle East. The terrorism during the tension periods found a source of possessions the latest arms in the military arsenals. So the world affairs were affected by the relations between India and Pakistan.



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