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Individual Project

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The first step in the decision making process was to make a self-assessment, the more you understand yourself, the clearer your life goals and the way you reach them you will become. Choosing a college major is an exploratory process that involves careful investigation and decision making. When it's time for you to starting making solid decisions about choosing a college major, many student and family have many questions about how to choose a college major. There are so many possibilities: business, the arts, nursing, etc. All I knew was that I wanted to enjoy my career. I didn't want to fight to get up every morning in order to make myself go to work. I finally realized where my heart was set. Selecting a college major is a personal decision that involves you and your parents to spend time on your goals, likes, dislikes, skills, and aptitudes. You have to not only look at your interests, abilities, and goals, but also what you'll need to be happy in your near future. Talk with your family and friends about what major you want to choose. Down the line if you continue to change your major it may delay when you graduate that's why it's always important to do your research or ask yourself what do you enjoy doing.

I enjoy working with people especially juvenile and criminals that's why I chose Criminal Justice I was unsure at first as I was doing my research I know it would been an exciting and very rewarding to travel. It has a high risk of danger, but the capture someone who has harmed another human being. The main source is to capture the criminals and provide a better surrounding for the community. There's a lots of criminals out there who are targeting incent people. There are ways to crack down on criminal rate and there are ways to stop this and it really need to be stop by any means necessary. I feel so sad when I see a juvenile on the news for robbing and killing a human being just to get the money so that they can support their habit. I'm totally for the juvenile curfew. If the government forced curfew for juvenile crime rate will drop.

Illegal drugs are another reason why I'm studying Criminal Justice; drugs play a big part of the crimes rate. Drugs can ruin your life. Drugs dealer's sale drugs to juvenile, woman can become so addicted to drugs that's when they start selling they body and use their kids for prostitution, there's a lot of people innocent people out there in this country that need to be protected from the lunatics that like to ring harm to them. People work hard for their money to provide for their family and there are thieves who want to take it from them just because they do not want to get out a get a job.



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