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Project Management Paper

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Project Management Paper

Science project is a common phrase in almost every household. School age children and parents know the requirements and expectations of the task. A church function, retirement party, wedding, and building a new housing community are also projects. The individuals and businesses in charge of those projects have different objectives. The objectives are specific to the purpose of the project. Organizations develop projects and designate a project manager. A project is a sequence of tasks with a start and finish date bounded by time, resources, a budget, and requires results (Kerzner, 2006). A project has a four-step lifecycle. A description of the lifecycle and the importance of project management are in the following paragraphs.

The Deputy Constables, under the direction of the elected official, serve legal documents and perform field and courtroom tasks (Dallas County, 2011). The Deputy Constable's have a requirement to "exercise independent judgment, tact, and successfully accomplish assignments in accordance with established laws, rules, and regulations and procedures of the Constable's Office, the County of Dallas, and the State of Texas" (Dallas County, 2011).

The Constable Offices receives court ordered documents for service and apprehension of the appropriate subject named on the legal document. Currently, Precinct One is in the process of coordinating a warrant round up of court ordered non-payment of child support violators. The warrant round up is a project of extreme importance for Dallas County. The project undergoes a strategic lifecycle.

The project management lifecycle is a four-step sequence of phases a project. Projects go through a series of stages regardless of complexity or scope. The definition phase defines the task and critical points of the project. The planning phase provides break down of the project's tasks into more detailed measurable pieces. The third phase is executing the plan. Delivery is the final phase of the lifecycle. Project phases help the project manager work efficiently and remain organized.

The definition phase is an overview of the project and identification of strategies to achieve the goal. A project manager is assigned to select a team based on experience and skills to work on the project. Lieutenant Gulley is the project manager who the Constable assigns over the warrant round up. Lt. Gulley has past qualifications and dedications to lead the warrant team with safe and productive outcomes. Lt. Gulley overviews the warrants and immediately determines the plan for the project and the deputies needed based on their previous skills and experience.

The planning phase includes a detailed breakdown from start to finish of the assignments of the project. The project manager explains the expectations of the team and stakeholders. Identification of risks, a review of the project objectives, and challenges are in this phase. Lt. Gulley creates a reporting frequency plan for successful safety policies and procedures in the round up. Lt. Gulley must ensure to the warrant team the importance of following the plan. At this time, the warrant team is ready to begin the next phase.

Execution and control are step three of the project lifecycle. During execution, the main objective is to successfully apprehend the wanted subjects. The lieutenant and sergeant, as combined project managers, monitor the progress of the deputies in the field and techniques exercised. Frequent monitoring via the radio communication system informs the stakeholders of development and allows opportunity to intervene or redirect as needed to keep the project moving forward. The project manager in this phase observes and analyzes continuous advancement and takes necessary actions to clear challenges



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