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Industrial Revolution Editorial

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Industrial Revolution Editorial

By Anonymous

A word I'd like to use to describe the recent change in production is "dramatic." The world of producing has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. In that time, machines have replaced tools, steam has replaced animal power, and unskilled workers have replaced skilled workers. Jobs that had always been done by all of the family members of a home have been replaced with large and powerful machines in factories. To the naked eye, these improvements seem spectacular, but we invite you to read this editorial before you completely decide where you stand with the Industrial Revolution.

First, I'm going to remind you of what you probably already know about the revolution. With the new and modernized technology, we are making new discoveries every day. Not only in medicine, but also in household technology! Scientists have discovered new vaccines that can prevent people from getting diseases. Telephones and light bulbs are popping up in houses across the country! Also, have you taken a look outside lately? Buildings and the architecture of our city have started to improve in stability and quality. What a reflection of our changing world! Improvements have also been made regarding education for children. It is now required for children to attend school until they are at least 12 years old. Educating our youth is providing more hope for our future, and all of the discoveries to come along with it!

Now is the time for the "party foul." It's time that England learned of the evil and horror that the Industrial Revolution has caused. To begin, the majority of English citizens are poor labor workers. Their jobs range from working in a factory to mining for coal. The conditions of these workplaces are definitely unbearable. Coal miners work underground, so they are at high risks of getting lung diseases, or drowning in underground floods. Factory machines are loud enough to deafen you. Dust is everywhere. Literally everywhere. Workers can easily get their hair or their fingers caught in machines and be killed or permanently damaged. While men make 10 to 15 shillings a week, women receive 5 a week for equivalent work. Children have also started to take jobs in factories just to bring in a little bit of money into their homes. They make the lowest wages, are forced to stand up all day, and are given inedible food for lunch.

Despite this awful news, we must try to fix these problems together. Coal miners should have appropriate and safe equipment to use while they are at work. They should feel secure and safe when working in the mines. In regards to women's pay compared to men's, I think that factory owners should be offering equal pay for equal work. And they should not be able to deduct from a person's salary. Recently, Parliament held investigations about child labor in



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