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Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution (1750-1850)

Political Influences on Southeast Asia

Main point it led to an exponential growth in a short stretch of time (few centuries) as compared to the creeping progress made over thousands of years.

Started in British; powered by innovative inventions

Main factor: The Europeans' self-proclaimed superiority

Had the science, technology, resources and political freedom.

Led them to COLONISATION, particularly towards southeast asia.

Few countries that were famously colonized:

Tanah Melayu, Singapore, Myanmar - Britain

Indonesia - Dutch

Phillipines - Spain

Indochina - France

Parts of Indonesia (Portugese Timor) - Portugal

Industrial Revolution →Development in science and technology → Drive for more resources→ Colonization (Extra fact: 9 million Europeans were leaving Europe as compared to 145,000 europeans leaving in the 17th century days of seafaring)

It is colonization that brought about the changes.

1. Local leaders were displaced:

Colonial leaders saw the less preferable conditions in these lands

Put it upon them to better their situation

Local leaders had to be displaced (some by force)

Leaders were kept as a familiar face and intermediary between colonials and the locals.

Leaders had no real power.

Leaders sometimes left and joined the revolution.

2. Brought with them beneficial changes:

Willing to change for better good to stabilize local economy

Need local economy to be sound to gain from it later

SEA then had unfair working treatment, rampant STDs and VDs, fluctuating residency due to lack of job stability for settlement...

Colonial powers changed all that by introducing their own government structure

3. One of the most significant changes - Introduction to the western mindset and education

The new western mindset sat fabulously with the ambitious youths

Few talented individuals (also youths) were given chance to receive colonial countries' education or sent to the actual country to receive education




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