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Influence Theory

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During the course of human history people have been influenced and driven on by specific people that rose above everyone else. Humanity, as we know and see it today, would be very different if the earliest human might not have pushed on the idea of using tools for everyday living, slavery, although still rampant today, would definitely be worse if Abraham Lincoln did not do something about it and being a lasallian we would not be here if not for St. John Baptist de La Salle.

The badge, a symbol of authority and a symbol of power, a shining emblem given to a person who is authorized and certified to do a specific and important job that requires expertise, thorough training and developed abilities. Any person who has a badge or any item in similar degree with it such as a diploma, license, masteral and doctorate degree holds within himself/herself a special ability to influence the minds of people, to sway and persuade the massses to whatever idea he/she may have.

In our world there is a certain number of people who have an immense amount of power. What makes them so influential? Is it the way they speak or their mere presence? Whatever the answer it is evident that a lot of people have the qualities necessary to be influential. Men and women who have this special ability to influence others are also in line to become leaders where they can have a positive or negative effect on society. For a person to climb to the position of a leader or for that person to have the quality of influence he/she must be willing to absorb knowledge and learn.

In our ever changing world one must be able to adapt. There are some people who still cling to the old habits and refuse to embrace the new ideas of today and most often these people are the lagers of society, left behind and unable to cope up with the times. A person who is open to changes and is able to adapt and incorporate them in his/her life can rise above the rest and be an influence to others.

Though a badge or a degree can have significant weight when communicating with people there are still other important factors that should be taken into consideration to know if a person can indeed sway the minds of the people. A man or a woman who puts in to practice confidence and power is always influential. People who are passive and simply accept society as it is must rise up in order to have an impact in the minds of people. Here are some qualities which makes a man/woman influential.


-The primary requirement for any man to become influential and be able to sway the minds of the masses is immense amount of courage. It is bravery that sets and influential person apart from the average man on the street. One must be able to have the courage to say no when everyone else says yes, he/she must have the guts to stand up and proclaim his idea to everyone else and he/she must be willing to defend that idea and push it on amidst criticism and mud slings.


-An influential man/woman never deviates or swerves away from the fundamental values and principles he/she believes in. He/she fights for the truth or what he/she believes is right. A person must stand firm on his/her beliefs and this stance must be strong enough that everyone else around him/her would eventually be persuaded to believe as well.


-Once people see you have the courage to speak out your idea and that you have a firm belief in it they will move on to what you have to offer. May it be knowledge or skill being competent is an important aspect of being an influential person. In the book, Influencer,



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