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Influence by the Humanistic Theory

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Influence by the Humanistic Theory

One of the major schools of thought that have been an influence is the humanist theory. Carl Rogers once said that no other person's ideas, and none of my own ideas, are as authoritative as my own experience (Rogers, 1980). People hold the ability to adapt to their environment, but it is an individual choice as to whether they exercise free will, or become influenced by their surroundings. The neighborhood that I reside in is not the safest or positive ones, but I do not allow myself or my children to be consumed by its influence. Normalcy is not determined by society or behavior of others that we are surrounded by. It is determined by human beings seeking to fulfill their fullest potential of being individuals of good-natured intentions and positive results.

Leading a good and fulfilling life is a process that many human beings should understand. Many individuals live their lives and make decisions based on the likes, opinions, and desires of others. True humanistic potential is based on personal experiences, and learning and growing from what is experienced. Society is a major force in the determinants of individuals' decisions, actions, and behavior. For example, if society deems that white should not be worn after Labor Day, many individuals follow the trend, regardless of whether or not they believe the reason, or further, know the reason for doing so.

In the workplace, people tend to follow the trend of others who display influence or popularity. If an individual knows knowledge of the job related material, then others try to attach themselves to being around that individual. Others may even admire such individuals if supervisors show favoritism to the individuals as well. For example, at my new job we switched to a computer system that is more manual that the one previously used for over a decade. Being that I was not accustomed to the older system like the majority of agents, I adapted to the new system easier than others. When I just started and did not know the older system as well as other agents, they displayed little or no respect for me, but my knowledge of the newer system, currently has me as the "sought after" agent when assistance is needed. I gained their respect, not because of who I am, but because of what I know.

Society has always claimed that a relationship in the workplace is not a good idea. Based on my experience, it is based on the individuals involved, and how they choose to handle making their personal relationship public to people they work around. As Carl Rogers stated, "Experience is, for me, the highest authority" (Rogers, 1970). One of the factors why relationships have a difficult time at progressing or lasting is because too many individuals at the workplace interfere with the couple's private affair. Some individuals become too concerned with the opinions of those



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