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Institutional Racism

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Essay Preview: Institutional Racism

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Imagine living in paranoia daily knowing that wherever you go, everything you do is being unnecessarily judged. Imagine going to work or to school and having someone watch you intensely thinking that you are planning to steal something or set off a bomb, based solely on your religion or ethnicity. Imagine being made fun of at school because you are "different to the rest". No one likes to be ostracized, but why then do we judge and mock others? Why do we discriminate?

Wherever you go or look, we often focus on what is different, or strange about a person instead of similarities. This is normally where most discrimination stems from. Hence today I am speaking to you about a topic that is close to my heart; racism.

Prejudice and stereotyping based on a person's skin color or place of origin, has been present in almost every civilization and society throughout history. Even though the world has progressed greatly in the last couple of decades, racism still exist today, in both old fashioned traditions as well as modern practices.

My first point is that all persons are created equally, thus making racial discrimination morally wrong. Racial discrimination is experienced throughout many institutions. It may occur in a passive form by excluding people socially or by being indifferent to their views and opinions. It may also take the form of explicit prejudice towards different races, for example; name calling, taunting or insulting or even in extreme cases violence.

Specifically, research shows that institutionalized racism has a greater effect on people groups around the world. Persons in situations where their skills or abilities might be in question, for example at work based solely on their skin colour. How is institutional racism formally defined? "Institutional racism is a pattern of social institutions such as governmental organizations, schools, banks and courts of law, giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race."

So what impact does it truly have? Beyond emotional trauma and even mental health at the personal level, discrimination and stereotyping creates a barrier to equal education and job opportunities. This can give rise to impoverished groups within our society. Instructional discrimination can change a group of persons' view on life and become generational.

Finally, and unfortunately for those who are impacted, some research indicates significant increase in racial discrimination over recent years. This requires not only a legal solution but a moral response based on respecting individual rights and providing equal opportunities for all.

Let's join together and reverse practice and effects of Institutional Racism! Thank you!



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