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No More Racism

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In our world there are many views, and thats what makes us unique. We are so alike but yet we are so different. But in our world it is very hard to get along as there are many people who believe that their viewpoint is the only right view point, when really there is no one truth. But one thing I know to be very true is that they viewpoint that one race is better than the rest. This idea is the exception- Racism is a viewpoint is wrong. It is useless, it gets us fighting each other, when we really are all the same. To sum up things it will get us no where. We are all the same so there is no need to discriminate. We should start to work together. If we put aside our so called differences then we could accomplish alot in this world, and solve more important issues like world hunger, and diseses, like aids, malaria, and cancer that are killing most of our population. These things are killing our population but sadly the friction we create between us is killing us too. There are so many 'mini-wars' against countries, races and religions, which shouldn't be there.

Those are the issues we could focus all our energy on. Instead of discriminating people and creating distance and issues between us, which are non existant. I would like to say that it is possible for people to change, but changing is hard. When racism began people truly believed what they thought was right, but now that the whole world is against this act of idocity which makes the people following it get defense as it shows something about them. Therefore they would rather believe what they want then be shown up that they are wrong.

In conclusion no matter if you like it or not it is time for change people, it is time to change whether you like it or not.



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