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Instructions for Chapter Analysis

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Instructions for Chapter Analysis

Title and Number of Chapter

Your chapter analysis needs to begin with a five space indent. The chapter analysis will be typed and must be double-spaced. Margins are set at one inch from the top, bottom, left, and right. Students will utilize Times New Roman or similar font in size. You will need to provide a reference page and in-text citations when referring to the concepts. Two pages mean the "body starts no more than 6 lines from the top of the first page and ends on the last line of the second page. Any less will reduce the number of points earned for the assignment.

* Analysis should include a synopsis of the chapter. This is not outline this is an overview discussing the objectives of the Chapter.

* Your analysis should include what you liked about the chapter and it should be specific to the content

* Your analysis should include what you didn't like about the chapter and why. It should be specific to the content.

* Discuss any concepts for which you disagreed. Describe why you disagree and provide scholarly support for your position

* Identify and define 3 psychological concepts in the chapter and describe how each has real life meaning for your life/experiences

Each section should have a heading - see examples below:

I. Synopsis:

II. What I liked about Chapter:

III. What I didn't like about chapter:

IV. Concepts or theories I disagree with

V. Definition of 3 psychological concepts:

VI. How these concepts apply to real life or have meaning in your life:



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