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International America University.

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Essay Preview: International America University.

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Chapter 1  

Jian Hua Weng

International America University

MGT 510 Human Resource Management

Professor Christopher Lloyd

January 10 2019

1. What job would you create? Why?

I will create an entry level of marketing coordinator position. For this new position the employee will be in charge of tracking sale data, like tracking account payable from clients or handing account payable to your service provider, other than that she/he must be capable to plan meetings, maintaining databases, prepare reports, making travel arrangements, like booking hotels and transportation for stuff. The simple reason to create this job position is to allow me to focus more on marketing strategies which are the long term interest of the department.

2. What are the employee competencies this position needs to be successful? Why?

For this particular job, the employee must have

Basic sale, marketing, and accounting knowledge.

Capable to prepare report and summarizing sale data.

Be proficient in computer skills.

Have good communication skills

Capability to manage time accordingly.

Be a good team player.

All these qualification are required in order to perform the task.

3. What are your ideas for how you might design performance management, compensation and incentives for this new position? Why?

To design performance management, I will first list a job responsibilities and have her trained in how to perform efficiently all the requested tasks. After the training will take a test to see if she is capable to do the work on her own. Since she is newly hired, I will check her work result every other day until she is capable to perform the job individually.

For the compensation, I will start the hourly pay based on her previous work experiences. If she is competent and skillful to do the job then the starting salary and benefit have to be higher than her previous job. However, if she is a recent graduate without any work experiences then the starting salary can be lower and will increase based on their performance and the time she spends in the company. For incentive, I believe the best reward for an employee will be a comfortable work environment with friendly co-workers and encouraging supervisor other than just a good salary and benefit. As the need of the department increases, I will offer her courses and classes where she can become an efficient worker for any related position.  

4.Are there any particular challenges you would expect to encounter that would make successfully filling this position difficult? How would you overcome these challenges?

I believe for any type of job position, the most challenging area is retaining experienced employees. A lot of companies pay low salary to hire new graduates they might not have the skills and experiences necessary to perform the task. Therefore, the organization will spend more times, money and effort in training process. However, after the employee became competent and skillful, they might be attracted by other companies offerings. In long term, the loss of experienced and talented employee will affect the company productivity.



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