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International Business

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The population of India is 1147million with 1.6% growth rate and 64% younger age people. The birth and death is 22.22 and 6.4 per 1000 respectively. Life expectancy rate at birth is approx. 69.25 years and infant mortality rate is 32.31 deaths per 1000. These rates are lower and infant mortality rate is higher than developed countries data. ( These indicators have explained bad health system of India. However Crystal can easily get benefits of large skilled and unskilled labour force because of higher population of young people.

UK is small developed country where demand and market of health related industries is lower than India. Vast population of India is biggest strength for our business. Economic growth of India is ongoing and urbanisation and industrialisation increasing constantly which creates difference in wealth and life style between rich and poor. Higher income of middle class afford high quality healthcare and spend more money on it. However rural market and retail of pharma also increase constantly. PricewaterhouseCoopers 2007 reports on India suggest that the revenues from the healthcare sector account for 5.2 per cent of the GDP, making it the third largest growth segment in India.

Atmosphere and environment is constantly damage which creates more health related problem in country. Pollution, slums area, lack of nutritious eating habit, low income, poverty etc creates more health related problems. So Crystal has excellent opportunity to enter in pharmaceutical industry and enhance its business.

The pattern of trade has been changed over the time. UK is currently fifth largest exporter of goods and second largest exporter of services in the world. In terms of capital flows, UK has the highest ratio of inward and outward investment to GDP of any leading economy. The pattern of trade is mainly



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