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Internship Case

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With reference to your Internship advertisement in, I wish to apply as an intern in your organization. I would like to pursue my internship such as esteemed organization like X- Corporation. I have almost completed all my required courses for completing Bachelor of Business Administration degree from North South University, Bangladesh.

In my under graduation my concentration are in marketing and Human resource management. I am interest to build my career in human resource management sector. I am curious enough in to implement my HR knowledge in real life work field and also gather practical knowledge about human resource management from your esteemed organization. I am potential enough and if I am given an opportunity I will be able to demonstrate my worth as a valuable addition in human resource division of your organization.

I have a good understanding of business especially in human resource management as you would be able to validate from my course results, and discussion with my referees. As I have mentioned my interest in human resource management, You most probably will find it relevant to know that I have been involved with several clubs and extra curriculum activities in our university and demonstrated my creativity in various Human resource management and marketing related projects during my under graduation program. Based on my experience in North South University I can assure you that I am very hard working and objective oriented.

The accompanying resumé can provide you with greater detail of my back ground. . I have been developing myself for a demanding job in a prestigious organization. I am available at your convenient to clarify any confusion that might have and I am looking forward to meeting you in person very soon.



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