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Interpersonal Professional Communication

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Interpersonal Professional Communication

Communication Strategy

Over the course of the next six months the company will be signing on over 120 new clients that is 20 new clients each month. In the process of signing on these new clients the representatives will be assigned to different areas. These new clients are going to help grow the business and help with the communication that needs to improve within the company. Representatives will be place in groups that will best benefit the clients and the needs of the clients. Representatives will be asked to help the clients by finding out their needs and wants by talking with them.

The choices that have been are for what best suites the needs and desires of the clients along with the abilities of the representatives that will be assisting the clients. Each representative is going to help with the different backgrounds not because of any culture choice or preference but to make the clients more relaxed and trustworthy of the representatives handling their needs and desires. This is a indirect notification letting individuals know where the company is going and where each representative is going to help as the company moves forward with growing.



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