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Interview Case

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Seeing the organization through the eyes of one employee really allows you to see farther into how they work and how an office that deals with human services conducts it self and how well it take care of their clients. Gabe Taylor was my interviewee, a writer at this facility. First thing that came to mind was that what is a writer doing working for a place that deals with human services. Well, he is in the right place. This agency serve mainly the retired and disabled. The agency aids them with obtaining their social security benefits. It is difficult for these clients and times get tough so they have someone that will take a little off their plate and help them.

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There are many agencies out there that offer the same services as this one does but when you look into its workers you can see why this one stands out from all the others. Services that are provided are assistance to get their social security disability awarded. In this organization I met with Gabe Taylor. There are a few ethical dilemmas that Mr. Taylor has to put up with. There are many legal requirements that are in place and enforced in this facility. All Efforts are exhausted when it comes to complying with following the law. Employees tend to understand their role and are aware of their bad actions may cause some one to delay or possibly deny their benefits. This organization is composed of caseworkers and advocates.

As I saw it there are many who are suffering and plainly do not have anyone to voice for them. This is when advocates respond, which my chosen organization employees. They serve a vital purpose in human services. Whet they do is a good act to the community and to their fellow man.

Advocates are individuals who work on behalf of people, from people with disabilities so they get needed services. Advocates also help students with learning disabilities; the elderly, the homeless, and just anyone who need help obtaining their benefits. Advocates negotiate with several parties such as schools, Cities, the government and other service providers by offering opinions, conducting research, and by representing or coaching clients.

The person that made me more aware of this facility was, Gabe Taylor who is a writer at the facility, he graduated 2 years ago and his first job after college was here. He was not sure how he was going to apply his major. When he obtained the job at first he was not sure if he was going to use his skill and degree here. Though honestly, neither did I. In the short time Mr. Taylor has been here he feels that he has been able to make a difference. All he wanted was to write and be published. Here he drafts letter to Social Security and to various other parties involved in a client's social security case. The letters that he drafts are not simple letter that state what he needs, his letter emphasis cause and



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