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Interview Case

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Physical Education Interviews

There are always going to be kids that are not going to be the athletic type, so I ask myself what steps need to be taken not to get those kids to be athletic but rather that the class a healthier way of living throughout their life. My physical education interview consisted of a middle school boy and an athletic trainer here at NMSU. Physical education or P.E. as most call it is nowadays being a twice or week class or even in some cities I have heard that they only have P.E. classes around three times a month. This is possibly one of the reasons why most children here in the U.S.A. are obese. Personal experiences always is a great way to learn about the subject experience, this is also a good way to see what changes need to be made in order to make physical education more meaningful.

School activity in recent times according to Columbia University: Physical Education and Childhood obesity Physical education and general outdoor activities during school time has decreased by 14% from 1991' to 2004', but on top of that only 28% of high school students get the suggested daily amount of exercise. Many of these reasons have to be due with a lack of motivation from the educator or students. In addition schools do not provide enough equipment, insufficient training, and not enough compliance from parents and a bias toward activities that relate to standardized tests. Not only may insufficient exercise cause obesity and unhealthy lifestyles of living but parents also play a huge role in their children ways of eating and sedentary living habits. Many children now have too much access to an assortment of media, like video games, TV, smart phones, tables, and the Internet to tie it all up. Research does not have to prove to me that too much media is strongly associated with declines in physical activities and children obesity. It has just surprises me that America has taken so long to react on this matter which is harder now to fix this lifestyle.

My first interviewer was a middle school boy from El Paso Texas; I began the interview by asking him to describe in his own words a typical PE class at his school. He first stated that they have to change into gym shorts before they begin any class, from their they then began class off by doing a variety of stretches to and two laps around the track to get the blood flowing. After about 15 minutes of stretching they are then got split up into groups but boys and girls did not mix, he told me girls had their own separate class. Shortly after they are split up into teams is when they begin their sport activity and it varies throughout the week with activities like basketball, flag football, blacktop hockey, etc. he did add that on Fridays it is always dodge ball which was one thing he looked forward too! The second question I asked him was to explain two things he liked mostly about the physical education class and also two things he least liked from the class. The activity my interviewer enjoyed the most was being able to compete against all his male classmates in not only P.E. class but also in school athletics with basketball,



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