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Intranet Solutions

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Intranet solution


1. Introduction

Nowadays is Intranet important part of successfully running business. It is a technology that permits organization to define itself as a whole entity, a group where everyone knows their roles and everyone is working on the improvement of the organization. Intranet works like web, with browsers, web servers, and web sites, but company uses it internally. Intranet allows employees share corporate data, but they are cheaper and easier to manage than most private networks. It also has the added benefit of giving employees access to the web. Intranet is closed off from the rest of the Net by firewall software, which lets employees surf the web but keeps all data on internal web server private.

Intranet gives everyone quick access to voice, video, data and other resources they need to do a better job

2. Intranet as a Tool

- a decision making tool: the intranet links together all of the information in company. By using interactive forms one can prune and graft information, which helps analyze market trends, or business behavior. Employees can share results with colleagues, clients and partners, and modify business decisions accordingly.

- a complete communication tool: the intranet helps in integrating, all departmental communications, all group communications and all individual communications. Intranet creates a repository of information accessible to everybody in the organization

- a 21st century telephone: the intranet has become a utility in company, much like a telephone. Using it you empire a knowledge environment in which individuals within the organization knows who they are talking to, what they represent and how they fit into the organization

- an ISO tool: the intranet can satisfy a lot of ISO 9000 requirements. Company can provide all information online in one location and can identify processes, metrics, and project contact online. It becomes a solid source or repository that enables many of the ISO requirements.

- A target marketing tool: the elements of a traditional business-to-business marketing and sales programs can be integrated within the web environment in order to create target marketing which attract highly qualified customer/client prospect and engages in an ongoing product/ sales dialogue. The end result can more profitable.

3. Applications of Intranet

- publishing corporate documents: corporate documents such as newsletters, annual reports, maps, company facilities, price lists, product information literature can be easily published and propagated across an organization. Intranet technology facilities



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