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Riordan Solution

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No longer is it enough to have each of Riordan's locations functioning independent of each other, and maintaining separate systems of data. The time has come to centralize all of this data and remove the manual processes in place today. All of their data needs to operate together in real-time, aware of each action, reacting quickly, correctly, and confidently.

To do this, Riordan needs to begin making use of their investment in enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrated software. They currently have separate ERP systems in the San Jose and China locations. These systems should be connected to share data and setup to failover if there is an issue with one of the sites. With that in mind, the best course of action is to import the data from the systems in Georgia and Michigan and remove the systems they are currently using. They will then connect to the ERP system to perform all daily functions. This will reduce the time and expense Riordan is currently experiencing with their systems today. Utilizing the ERP system will reduce the amount of hardware at the remote locations, eliminate some maintenance and licensing costs for the systems currently in use in Georgia and Michigan, and allow the company to standardize on hardware and software. With the removal of the systems at those locations, the cost of IT support will decrease.

A centralized ERP system will provide a level of oversight and control that is necessary for Riordan, to make sure that all of their resources are working toward the same goals.



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