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Intro to Management

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Unit 2: Assignment

According to the video and the material that I read about in this unit I feel that each theory is different in their own way. In the classical approach the management is the highest chain of command. This allows combining the scientific and the administrative management together. The behavioral approach stresses the significance and understanding of the employee's needs and attitudes towards the organization. The third approach is the systems approach. In this approach the company or organization and its employees are working together to reach the same goal. The final theory is the contingency approach. In this approach the contingency approach is the result of the systems approach. However, in this theory it put emphasis on different variables and then finds a solution to each key variable.

I personally feel that if a company can implement a little of each theory in a successful way then we can create a better theory that will help obtain maximum production and also happy and loyal employees. However, if I had to choose a theory I would go with a systems/contingency approach. I believe in most cases that every company is ran differently depending on supply and demand, and really matters case by case in different situations. I also believe that a company can achieve its goals easier if the idea of team work is applied. I would use the auto industry as an example. Each automotive company relies on outside venders to produce parts so that the assembly like workers can then sort, build, and then ship. From fabrication, to assembly, to shipment, all suppliers and companies rely on each other to achieve one goal which in turn keeps the companies going. The downside to this approach is that if one company slacks off or fails, the others involved suffer too.




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