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Inventory Managemet

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The general appraisal of managerial is in real meaning, a administration reassessment of the purchasing activities. The fundamental hypothesis of this assessment factors of controlling the departments capabilities as they are helpful mediator to indicate performance.

Since the vulnerability is an issue of the evaluation, it's regularly can be executed most efficiently via someone exterior to the purchasing unit. Persons usually invited to conduct such critique, are private consultants, employees method expert, administration personnel and in-house staff auditors to improve in process

Capacity of the procurement role elaborate importance of the management in consider the procurement activity in the company's whole process. This is where my company SMPC Cooperation Berhad has a great importance in terms of their end year financial report and allocating the budget for the company to spend for each department that particular year. For any company be it a small or big the procurement department playing a critical role in any organisation

My position of procurement is properly located in the organisational hierarchy since our company deal with plastic strapping. manufacturing. As a manufacturing we have to adhere with our raw material suppliers rules and regulation. Market intelligence information plays a significant role in our company products manufacturing pattern. Our procurement is in the formulation of policies on forward buying, but it not under JIT technology or others but purely on forecasted sales which is generated by the sales team and market intelligence. We will always stock up 30% of raw material and 50 % of finished goods for forecasted manufacturing and our physically ready available stock for our customer.

Assessment of purchasing executive personal; My company purchasing managers and executive are highly qualified with all posses at a degree from reputable universities from the United Kingdom and Singapore some of them even have PhD qualification in economics and business related course, most of these people have been working in the same industry for many years in foreign countries. Our engineering and technician teams are previously workers from a reputable company join here to share the expertise whom have been retrenched by then employers. They have a very broad knowledge in terms of technical and material We have a market intelligence teams which they pose a specialize skill of the suppliers and market information. The department is under the surveillance of the managing directors.

Our organisation purchasing activities is concentrated in purchasing unit in a separate and isolated building outside the manufacturing plant with 5km radius. There have been obvious outline of task and rights been established. We also have adequate authority delegated all along by tasks. The in force activities rationally grouped for reason of practical operation, adroitness and control. The department also developed sufficient work depiction and workers qualification for its work, the organisation plans



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