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Is College Worth It?

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Essay Preview: Is College Worth It?

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Is College Worth It?

Everyone wants to have a good life. Good life by the means of having a stable job , getting a good salary , and living the life everyone desires to have. Yet , the good in life has never come easy. The privileged are always in advantage for they can have all the things they want in an instant while for some , they still need to exert blood , sweat , and tears. One-sided it may seem but it is the truth that not all had it the same way. People say education is the key to all of these. Good life means a good degree , a good education. People struggle with daily assignments , deadlines , and even time given to families all for the sake of education. No matter how tired they are , they still continue to pursue and do their best in school because eventhough school puts them to the worst experiences , still , in the end it brought out best in each individual. Yet , not all things are taught in school , people may only know an ample of it but it will never be the same as going to the real world. Do people really need a college degree in order to survive the battle of life? Or will it be in the hands of the person who can actually change his life , with or without the said degree?

College education is not easy. First , because not all can afford the expense to go to college. Some schools do offer scholarships but only to students who really excel academically leaving the ones who are passionate eventhough they cannot meet the school’s standards. Second  , the amount of works are uncountable making students deprived of sleep. The professors are truly different from their teachers during their high school , before students get to ask for extension but as for college students their professors are firm with what their decisions are. Third , if students are not from a known school , then not all can easily have their access to some jobs. It is truly easier to apply if the school they are in are a known one because as what they say they tend to have a good background. Lastly , getting that diploma does not mean getting that job. Applying for a job is different from completing your college years. After getting that diploma , then people will see what the real battle is.

Even without the degree , successful entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg , Manny Pacquiao , Steve Jobs and etc made their names known in the industry for being one of the aspiring people in today’s generation. They achieved success even the countless times of failures and being rejected by other people , they proved themselves worthy of success. They were a living proof that success is not just to people who got degree but it is for everyone who work hard and do their best in what they have always dreamed of.

A good degree without work is useless and a work without learning is pointless. That degree people will be holding will not do magic by itself , if they want to use its power then they should make it as an instrument to prove themselves worthy. Working hard is not enough , people should learn as they go for it is a lifelong process. In the end it will not always be how people dream it but how they make it to reality.



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