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Homeopathic Medical College

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After having graduated from a Homeopathic Medical College, I went for an apprenticeship with a well renowned & experienced Hakim (which is a naturopathic physician/holistic doctor indigenous to South Asia). In South Asia, the Greek system of medicine and Ayurvedic system of medicine is commonly practiced by Hakims. Ayurvedic formulations are largely based on natural herbs; therefore Ayurvedic medicine can be viewed as herbal medicine, whereas the Greek remedies are largely based on nutrition and considered to be nutritional medicine. These Hakims diagnose the cause of a health issue, accordingly select a system of medicine, and then manufacture the product at their own facility. I was privileged to gain experience in both diagnosing diseases and manufacturing medicines. My mentor's family happened to be in this business for centuries, and they were gifted natural healers. During my training period, I learned herbal remedies, Ayurvedic formulations, and traditional Greek compositions. We had unique methods of processing and our own indigenous formulations. In a very short period of time, I became very skilful in neutralizing all kinds of organic poisonous substances (e.g. Strychnine Nux Vomica, Calotropis Milk Sap, Mercury and so on). Soon I got an excellent command in decomposing and disinfecting any or all types of mineraloids, heavy metals, arthropods, mollusc shells, pearls and gem stones. I was trained on obtaining unique non-alcoholic botanical extracts and carrying out their beneficial use in different natural remedies. Furthermore, I learned how to use those extracts to decompose & disinfect mineraloids, corals, oyster shells, mollusc shells, and pearls without direct exposure to alcohols, chemicals and the fire. I specialize in versatile interaction of minerals, herbal extracts, powdered herbs, powdered seeds, essential oils into one another and obtain the required results.

In the quest of perfection and pursuit of gratification, I moved to the Himalayan ranges and started free camps to help the poor people of that region. It was really sad to know that they had the best herbs within the neighbourhood but did not know how to use them. They were suffering from serious chronic diseases while they had the cure at their door steps. In my free camps campaign, I tried to educate them about the herbs in their region and their medicinal uses. I also encouraged them to modify their life style along with eating habits. I conducted a detailed research on over 144 regional herbs for their medicinal use and benefits, in the northern areas of Pakistan. I taught them how to use those herbs in their remedies and enjoy the benefits of natural treasure within their reach, absolutely free. I was fortunate to explore the alpine climate areas and alpine tundra i.e. mountainous terrains, pockets and pinnacles on foot, beyond the tree line which is approximately over 12000 feet height. In these areas, trees sustainability is almost impossible due to alpine climate, an extremely cold temperature, inadequate air pressure, insufficient moisture, but shrubs and herbs can survive and sustain life. I found so many herbs in abundance; hands picked them and use them in my formulations. Some of the species are worldly renowned e.g. Sea Buck Thorne, Licorice root, Alfa Alfa, Haw Thorne Berries, Artemisia Vulgaris etc.

Once, my name was established as a holistic doctor/herbalist, I was approached by a medical doctor who asked me for a non-invasive solution for the removal of an ovarian cyst. Very confidently I took on the challenge; I prepared herbal tea and gave it to the patient. After nine days, we conducted an ultrasound test and the cyst was gone. The medicine gained momentum and became the talk of the town.

I started my practice as a Holistic Physician at Wazir Gynae Clinic in the city of Gilgit located in the northern areas of the country. Mainly, the clinic provides Obstetrics and gynaecology services. It was a challenge for me to work with gynaecologists and medical doctors and use an allopathic system of medicine. To persuade them to believe that, where their drug-focused method of practising medicine fails is where naturopathy begins was a difficult task. I successfully practised the art and science of naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism and nutritional therapy for six years at the above mentioned clinic and in the remote areas by offering free medical camps. My ability



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