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Is Education Worth It?

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That can be a complicating question which many people see it from different angles, some people think that is not necessary to have an education to have a successful life style, that like some of the greatest creator's mind like Bill Gates who did not have so much of a college learning since he dropped out during his junior year at the university of Harvard to start what was to be the biggest computing corporation- Microsoft Corporation. In the other hand like me, who was raised to believe that to be successful in life, ones got to have an education because from there is where success will come.

Many people believe that to be a successful person is not really necessary to have a high level of education, that to be like those people who had change the world as we see it today, there's no education required; but really! How many of those people are there in the world today? Not that many that's for sure, because the ones that are have been really special and extraordinary smart, not just a regular person, but a highly developed brain. Because of the direction that the world is taking; education is getting an everyday necessity, so all of that people who is thinking about not studying and just risk their lives, better think twice about it.

In my family, I am the first to go to college. The rest of them did not go because of the economic situation in which they lived in, now I have the opportunity to go and have an education that will help me and my family in the future. I believe that it will give me a high possibility in getting a better job and will secure the rest of my financial life. I understand and admire those people, who made it without any high learning of education and now are very successful in life, but those guys are counted; which means not everybody can do the same and succeed. Now those people that think that High School is enough of a learning to get ready a go to the real word and start their thing are wrong, because for personal experience I say that it was not enough for me to get a second job. I have been looking for an extra job for about three months and I have not gotten even a chance to show what I can do for them.

Now the question is which of these two types of people will have a superior chance to be successful in life? Well the only answer will be the people who are willing to spend the time, money and sacrifice to get ready and to study until they have reached their desired goals so they can have a better life for them and their families.



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