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Islam and Chritianity Compare and Contrast

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Essay Preview: Islam and Chritianity Compare and Contrast

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In their own ways, Christianity and Islam had an impact on other areas of society as both religions developed greater appeal. Both played a role in government as well as in gender relations, cultural application, and of course religious beliefs.

As Christianity spread, kings took it up and it started to have political power. Once it became part of the monarchy, it had to be taken up. Then people started to accept it. Especially if before there was not much religion. Having religion gave the kings more of a heart and so the people were more willing to follow it. Believing in miracles had a very strong appeal, especially for the poor. They no longer were constricted to forever remain poor, but they could be saved and that is always a comforting feeling. In a way Christianity is like politics, it had a lot of promises, so it won the vote of people. Then once it got the vote, it spread like crazy, making it still a big religion today.

Islam can be seen as religious, governmental, and cultural. It is true that it is first a religion. However, as it grew into a religion, it later formed ways on government and culture. Islam is a religion in the sense that it follows the teachings of a higher being and requires the faith of people. It also has rules such as the five pillars. Once you got into the rules, it starts to get a little governmental. I think a lot of times religion is pulled into government whether we like it or not because it is what we believe. Just as God appears everywhere in America. Islam allowed religious freedom and it put opinions on taxes, and caliphs made it more governmental. Also if it is what people believe and what they are governed under it has to be part of their culture. A lot of geographical places tend to be of the same religion. This is because their religion is part of their culture and it is how they live. Gender relations always go up and down. In earlier days they went from being equal, to patriarchies. Islam and Christianity had to also have gender relations.

In Christianity, women didn't have too harsh rules on women. It is in the Bible, however, that Eve made Adam eat the apple and was then forever cursed with child bearing pains. Women are not mentioned too much in the Bible after that. Women are not even allowed to hold any positions in the church, besides being a nun. They are mention in the Ten Commandments to receive respect just as males would get from their children. Also that no man should desire someone else's wife. Christianity didn't have true equality, but then again who does, but I think at that time they made the gender relations most equal. As for Islam, it is said that women at one time had rights, until it was influenced by neighboring empires. Then women were only seen as seducers and their purpose was for children. This required women to cover up from head to toe to avoid temptation and made them pretty low in status.



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