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Israel Case

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Essay Preview: Israel Case

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While Israel is planning an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, Senior Israeli official

says "Americans don't want to be surprised" by attack on Iran. "They are telling us to be patient,

see if sanctions will eventually work," he says.

This is important because there are high chances that an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities

will cause to a war and chaos in the middle east and even to another world war. Also, an attack

right now will only delay the development of the nuclear bombs by 2-3 years and the goal is to

prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb forever.

I think that the Americans are right and Israel should be patient and wait until the democracy

and debates with Iran have failed. On the other hand, as long as Israel will wait to attack Iran's

nuclear facilities the more Iran getting close to getting the nuclear bomb and it will be harder to

destroy it.

Israel under pressure from all sides

Israel is facing enormous pressure to refrain from staging a surprise strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, a senior Israeli

official said Monday.

"Israel is under pressure from all sides. The Americans don't want to be surprised and faced with a fait accompli of an

Israeli attack," the senior official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"They are telling us to be patient and see if the international sanctions against Tehran will eventually work," he said.

At this time, Israel is coming under increased pressure from Washington and Europe to hold off from attacking Iran over

its disputed nuclear drive and allow time for a regime of tight international sanctions to kick in.

Pressure is being exerted from all directions, officials acknowledge, with Washington's concern over a pre-emptive Israeli

strike reflected in the steady stream of senior officials arriving in Jerusalem for top-level talks.

Barak 'summoned' to Washington

The latest visitor was US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, who on Sunday held a two-hour meeting with Prime

Minister Benjamin



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