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Japan - Culture Cluster

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Culture cluster are countries that share many cultural similarities. When countries share many similarities of culture there can let each other easy to doing business in each other country. Many similarities of culture are easy to entry their country to doing business, because when each other culture are similar, what the similar culture country prefer for business and doing business style will more or less same. Example of cultural cluster is Latin America, Anglo, Germanic, Nordic, Latin European, Arab, Near Eastern and Far Eastern, and another difference type of cultural cluster is independent. Independent cultural cluster countries have Brazil, Japan, India and Israel. Example for the Anglo, similarities of culture make each other countries within Anglo are easy to entry, to doing business in each other countries. Example like United State and United Kingdom, their culture is more in `black and white', mean that contract, they are prefer low context culture, so they are easy to entry each other countries. For Japan, their culture is independent, independent mean their culture normally difference with other countries.

Japan is also prefer `Greenfield investment', `Greenfield investment' mean that opening a new venture in other country and help the country to expand their economic. Example like Japan Sony company, Sony open a new venture in Malaysia and create job opportunity, expand the Malaysia economy. Whatever their culture is different with other countries, which mean independent, but Japan is prefer change their mind to match the other countries culture when they are doing business in their countries.



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