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Jazz Concert Review

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Distribution/General Education Assignment - Jazz Performance Review Essay - Jazz Concert Review - 500 word minimum. The writer will look at a virtual Jazz concert from a jazz set at Smalls Jazz Club, located at 183 W. 10th St, New York City, and will write a review about the music. Check the calendar, as there is a diversity of groups nightly. The writer will have to let me know when he or she is ready, which has to be soon becasue the paper has to be uploaded. The website where the virtual concert will be held at would like for the writer to address the following points: a. Setting - when? Where? describe venue, acoustics (use learned/appropriate descriptive vocabulary i.e. lots of echo="wet"; not much echo="dry") Band - instrumentation? vocalist? electronic? acoustic? who was the leader? b. Repertory - describe the songs they play, give titles if possible. Talk about tempo, volume, contrasts. If the program consists of many songs, compare and contrast a few which are dissimilar. If everything they play is similar, how so? The melody? the rhythm? the texture? c. Style - In what style or styles do they play? Traditional ("Straight ahead")? Fusion of styles? Rock influenced? Dixieland (New Orleans)? Why did you conclude that? Musical characteristics: melody, harmony, rhythm. Did you know any of the songs? Do they seem drawn from any particular period in history (as related to our class study of styles)? d. Song forms, presentation: Do they use lots of arrangements, or do they just seem to play the melody, then improvise, then play the melody again? Use of introductions to the tunes? Try to talk about the form of the tunes. e. Improvisation/Interaction - do they improvise a lot? Who improvises most? Do they seem to be communicating in any way? Who do you like the most? Why? f. Sound phenomenon opinion - what's your impression of the overall sound? organized? pleasing to the ear? difficult to listen to? What's the timbre (sound quality of each instrument and the overall combination)?

1. Setting

2. Repertory

3. Style

4. Song Forms and Presentation

5. Improvisation/Interaction

6. Sound pheonomenon Opinion

As soon as a writer is identified, then I will go online and purchase a 48 HOUR LIVE VIDEO PASS and will submit that information to the writer to log-in.



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