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Jeep Case

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There are many similarities between the first jeeps that were built and what we see today. The public idolizes heroes, so when Jeep made vehicles for the military, society saw them being used. People wanted to imitate the people of the military so hence the creation of the Jeep brand ("How Army Jeep was Born")

.Society, even if they don't want to admit it buy Jeeps because subconsciously we do think it makes us look like a hero and also makes us feel better about ourselves. That is why society has allowed the Jeep brand to last from the 40's Jeep all the way to the present day Jeep.

In June 1940, the U.S.military informed automakers that it was looking for a "light reconnaissance vehicle" to replace the Army's motorcycle (Chrysler Group LLC).This vehicle they ended up making was the start of the Jeep brand even though at the time no one was aware it would ever catch on as an everyday vehicle. If you look at the older Jeep in the text on page 408 you can see how it looks as if it was made for extreme use. You can see from the tires that this car was made to be able to withstand some rough roads(Chrysler Group LLC) .Also as you can see it has a bar down the middle of the windshield, this bar was put in place incase the Jeep was tossed and started to roll it wouldn't crush the driver/passengers; it creates a barrier of sorts.

In 1945, the CJ-2A was produced and revolutionized utilitarian transport. Just five years earlier, the US Army sent out a request for some new vehicles to replace their aging motorcycles and modified Model-T cars ("Modern Offroader").This brings us into what eventually will become the modern day Jeep. The army was so please with the Jeeps that they decided to see what would happen if they were to produce a public version ("How Army Jeep was Born"). It was first called the CJ-2A, CJ stood for Civilian Jeep so as you can see they were very creative with naming the first public Jeep ("Modern Offroader").

The major reason the "CJ" was created is because of how society as a whole idealizes heroes and what better hero than the soldiers fighting for us as Americans ("Modern Offroader").It was genius to use a design of a combat vehicle and modernize it so it may become an everyday vehicle for all Americans. Society as whole want to be like the heroes because it makes us feel like we ourselves are the hero, so the idea to make an everyday Jeep was just really smart. It is very clear that it paid off, all you have to do is take a drive and you will see countless numbers of Jeeps just in a short little drive. They were extremely successful with this simple concept and they nailed it. I think that when people drive their Jeeps they feel better about themselves because they look at themselves as military people, they like to feel like they were/are apart of something.

Looking at the two pictures one thing really makes me think. The older Jeep has what looks to be some sort of military identification. It reads "36 141-1 G15" across the front bumper. The whole point of this is to convince you that Jeeps success should be contributed to the fact that society wants to look like the hero. So you see how the old Jeep is marked then you start to look at the newer one, I noticed the license plate. It is not illegal to not have a plate on the front of your vehicle but when you look around what all do you see? Cars with custom plates, this could be an attempt to look like the identification markings on the older Jeep. Even though this goes for all cars and not just Jeeps it is still



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