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Jim Crows Law Paper

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Jim Crows Laws Paper

Jim Crow wanted to keep white's away from blacks this was the main cause that had begun the Jim Crow Laws had started after the civil war, even before the Jim Crow Law began for many years before the Freedmen law was in effect; and all African American immigrants that migrated to America. They were abused and completely mistreated from whites. In the time of 1865 - 1945 all African American's were slaves for many years, they were beaten killed and abused, and they were completely stripped of all of their rights as an American. Though out much of the century this had continued and the federal governments failed to see and put ends to this type of actions against African American people. Then there was the lynching and the laws that were unconstitutional and bias. And with the Jim Crow laws it had reflected a large and bitter part in history.

After the civil war the southern states were passing black laws that sought to limit the economic freedoms of all African Americans. Than later they were simply called to be un-justified and illegal by the federal government, until the coming of the reconstruction period. After the reconstruction period had ended the laws but had came back and was to segregate all blacks from whites, when these laws had returned it had prevented blacks marrying whites and their voting rights were removed from them as well.

It was the build-up of racism that had caused the emergence of the Jim Crows Laws, and all Southern States had forced all African Americans to travel with their own color and even if they had bought first class tickets they were not allowed to use them. While there were also other states that had banned any mixed marriages and they had fought to keep them from their voting privileges this was done by imposing literacy tests and poll taxes.

When the African Americans lost their rights because of the Jim Crow Laws they were forced to form their own schools and colleges, they were served only last in any stores, some stores had even banned them from entering, they were sure to stay clear of any and all whites and to keep low profiles of themselves; if they did not hide and keep away from the white society they were in danger of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) along with many other groups that were against blacks, so this was a high threat to them.

Many of the African Americans stayed away from owning new things such as cars, businesses, this is because they felt that if they were to stay low they would be safe from the white society, because they continued to fear for their lives.

Ida B. Wells, was a political activist that had condemned the lynching of the blacks and was against the Jim Crow laws, on the other hand Booker T. Washington, along with, W.E.B. Dubois they both were in complete favor of the accepting the segregation because this was to mean the ending of the violence. With many of the political



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