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John Steinbeck - of Mice and Men

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Essay Preview: John Steinbeck - of Mice and Men

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John Steinbeck-Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men set in the mid to late 1930s, was a story of the American Dream and a prime example as to how things never happens as planned. Steinbeck does an excellent job at portraying the lives of migrant farm workers, and develops an unlikely relationship wonderfully. This book is a tale of two migrant field workers in California on their plantation during hard economic time in the Great Depression, a time of widespread labor strife and when migrant farm workers found it very hard to get work. The main reason for such migration is to have their own piece of land and tend to the things that they really care for. George Milton, an intelligent but uneducated man, and Lennie Small, a man of large stature and great strength but limited mental abilities are on their way to another part of California in Soledad.

Of Mice and Men shows how the different characters on the ranch represent different cultures and groups in American society and how life isn't easy on the ranch. The dreams of a better life seems to all be a dream and it show with friendship and loyalty you can accomplish anything, but with the false promises of American government it's impossible to do. Each character showed a sense of loneliness and isolation. When loneliness and isolation sets in, it shows how the weak will not survive. This book struck me as a fantasy with such a realistic feel. The dream of becoming something better while trying to look after someone else can be a challenge. George was a strong minded man who could have survived the challenges, yet he was held back due to having to look after Lennie and make sure he made it as well, after promising his aunt Carla that he would take care of him. He was strong on keeping a promise and he did to the very end.

Within the last chapter, it goes back to how women of the Great Depression time was expected to do the house work and care for the family. While trying to get out of the role of being "housewife", women often tried to socialize with other people. Women too had dreams, but felt so isolated and alone. The society in which they lived in back in the 1930s prevented them from living how they really wanted to.

This book is a masterpiece that I thoroughly enjoyed. It kept me on my toes and at an "AH". The relationship between George and Lennie is one of a kind and it struck my heart. Two friends that stuck together through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Of Mice and Men is a timeless piece that enlightens you oh how people struggled and lived throughout the Great Depression. This book also taught a lesson on life and love. Help me undertand isolation, the strength of friendship, and how the weak will not survive. I would change anything about this book even if I had to.



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