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Josh Hamilton Case

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Essay Preview: Josh Hamilton Case

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Josh Hamilton is a great baseball player. Many people know him as a leftfield player for The Texas Rangers. He was born in North Carolina. Baseball was always a part of his life especially starting at a young age. His parents were major supporters of his career. In his early twenties is when he started to on his own without his parents always being with him. He started hanging out with the wrong group of people leading him to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Just like Hamilton I had my sport that I played. I have always had my parents support in everything I did. Being focused and being involved with a popular sport and always under pressure can be a difficult time. Having to maintain a positive impression on people with all the media around can be very difficult. Being in the spot light with anyone's career as big as his can be challenging and hard to focus sometimes on what needs to be done. With all the pressure in the media it is easy to fall into bad habits

Hamilton was sent to a sports psychologist where he was told that he had a problem and that it may have had something to do with his parents and growing up. He also had the support of his parents growing up and to be told that they may have had something to do with his problem did not make him happy about this and walked out of rehab. Like him I too started to fall down the wrong path. Since then he has started a family, his drug and alcohol problem had begun to get worse. It was when he hit the lowest point he could when he decided to turn his life around and sober up. He was brought back into baseball after being cleaned up for eight months.

Growing up I can't say I lived a difficult life. I had both my parents and a family who always worked hard to be able to have the things I currently have in life. At the start of my freshman year everything went well I was doing extremely well in soccer and I was fortunate enough to be attending a private school in Irving, Texas. I made the varsity soccer team as a freshman and was rewarded all district MVP that year. In the beginning of the school year everything was on track. I was always busy with school work also with my soccer schedule especially with me in club soccer also. Having my parents support when it came to my soccer career was always helpful to me. About half the semester was over soccer season was about to end and I was some free time on my hands. I started to hang around with people I really didn't know much of. I started getting into thing I shouldn't have. I started not showing up on time when I had curfew, disobeying my parents was a major problem.

I was soon kicked out of my school after the first semester. I was forced to go to counseling which I did not like at all. I had always watched baseball, I been a big fan for the longest time. I am a Rangers fan, and watching their games is one of my favorite things to do. Just like Hamilton had his struggles I had mine also. It wasn't



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