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Journal: Friar Laurence

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Alek Djokoto

Period 2 Johns


Journal: Friar Laurence

God in heaven, what have I done? Was it I who killed those young children? I had nothing but the intentions of repairing the damage between two households. They have been feuding over something small that the God himself would not understand; it has brought chaos to the streets of Verona. I believed and looked to the stars hoping that this marriage of young Romeo and his fair wife Juliet would end this war. I was just thinking that their children's happiness and love for each other would bring joy to their own hearts and end the rancor that the families have brought to us all. Maybe God meant for it to be this way that Romeo and Juliet die. It could have been to help restore the peace in the town between the two families, part of His greater plan. Oh I pray Lord that this is true, I did not mean for me to be in this position. I should not have done this unthinkable deed. The marriage of Paris and Juliet would have dishonored me so I had to think of a way to save Juliet from wrongdoing and my trustworthiness. I knew they loved each other so deeply; they were both willing to die for the sake of not being together. Is that not true love? Was it just young naivety? It was the unfortunate acts of fate that these horrid things happened. The plan would have worked well if only the letter had gotten to Romeo or if the wedding was not moved up. Their deaths couldn't have been solely my fault, for I could not control these things. Oh, but I did give Juliet the potion just to save her and myself from shame. It was my fault; I have brought this upon myself God. I have done justice to no one and I sacrifice my old life to obey the edict that has been passed.

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