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Justin Bieber Case

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Essay Preview: Justin Bieber Case

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Justin Bieber

Where to start? I'm going to skip right to it. I saw him on tv while at a sleepover in 2008. Love at first sight. I was constantly looking him up and trying to find out who he was. He wasn't some teenage girl crush that was going to go away next week. Justin kept on rising, rising and rising up to fame. Now, everyone person in the world knows his name.

There was posters on my wall, I had all of his music on my iPod. I couldn't get enough of him. He kept on getting nominated for numerous awards and he won 99% of them!

I loved his music but I didn't know much about his story about where he came from. Everyone just thought he was another cute boy who all the girls love, just a normal boy. No ones normal, of course, but Justin's early days were the farthest from normal. This is when, in 2011, his own movie called Never Say Never came out. The inspirational movie, changed people's thoughts about him and showed everyone how talented he actually is. The film shows him as a child, all he had was his mother, who was still a teenager. His father left when he was born. It was only him and his mother. They barely had enough money to eat. From stealing clothes from the schools lost and found to having to share his food with his family members because there was never enough for everyone. The bottom line was, he loved music at a really young age, got involved with singing contests, and other benefits. People loved him. Justin knew what he wanted, worked for it, and now he's living his dream. The 18 year old Canadian, is so thankful for everything that's happened to him over the last couple of years. Justin had such a hard childhood and never a dollar in his pocket. Now, he gives millions and millions away to charity. Do you know why? Because he never forgets where he came from.

Justin loves performing to make people happy, but most of all, to make them smile. He loves to see his fans smile. He's a role model and a huge inspiration. Of course he has the cruel people who hate on him for no reason. They are more than likely jealous of him because of the fame and attention he gets. And also not to mention how attractive he is.

Who cares what he looks like, it's about the music. Several people have never given him a chance. He recently came out with a new, mature, and phenomenal album called "Believe." This album is the biggest album and the biggest deal in his career. A lot of haters gave him a chance. And guess what? The number of haters kept on decreasing and they still are!

I watch videos if Justin online of him performing on his Believe tour. He can put on the most priceless performance anyone will see. Just watching the videos make me tear up. I'm not really sure why I haven't seen him in concert yet.



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