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Juveniles Case

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The case I read was about a 15 year old. He was accused of having part in the killing of a

man in Georgetown. He was in connection with a slaying and armed robbery. Along with

the juvenile, there were three adults are charged in the killing of an aspiring politician,

whose throat was slit as he and his female companion were being robbed.

Over that summer, he ended up pleading guilty as a juvenile. The judge had ordered for

the juvenile to be held in the city's custody until he is turns the age of 21. Initially, the

prosecutors wanted to trial him as an adult, but the attorney general's office decided to

charge him as a juvenile. The juvenile pleaded guilty to three counts, which was a felony

murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, armed robbery and theft. The plea was offered in

a hearing at a Superior Court that was not open to the public. Even though the juvenile

was not accused of inflicting the fatal wound, the assistant attorney said that he

knowingly participated in the armed robbery, which made him guilty of the murder, too.

By pleading guilty as a juvenile, he will be under city supervision for little more than five

years, a fraction of the time he would have likely faced in prison if convicted as an adult.

The decision to charge him as a juvenile was never explained. So he really made it out

easy by not being charged as an adult. After five years, he will be free of supervision,

back to his normal life. I think of it as if it was my teen that was involved in taking some

one life, how would I feel. It's kind of hard to say now, because I'm not in nor have been

in a situation, but I see it as being fair. Just because he was a teenager, he should have

been charged as an adult. Although he was not the actual killer, he played a major part in

it. He acted as an adult in the situation, because at the age of 15, I am quite sure he knew



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