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Kabbalah Case

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Raised as an only child, I grew up in Bogotá, Colombia where I attended a catholic feminine school until the 6th grade. My parents were Christian and my grandmother used to take me to Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Halls every week. At some point I grew up with all these combinations of religions and beliefs. I developed no judgment or separation from "one god" and in fact had a non-religion preference. I didn't identify myself as a Catholic, Christian or Jehovah's Witness. In my point of view, we were all the same, praying to the same God with different names.

When I moved to Miami as a teenager, it was a huge change: new language, new friends, new school, new city, and a new life. At the beginning, the change was rough and indescribable but luckily I found Jesus in my life again. Christian youth groups became my entertainment and kept me away from bad habits and wrong choices. Everybody at church was so nice, committed and motivated; I remember those times like the best years in my youth. I was active, smart and just dedicated to do well. Eventually, the pastor suggested that I should get baptized to accept Jesus as my savior. The idea of deciding that Christianity was my religion of choice forever at 17 years old, discouraged me a lot. I felt pressured and I never returned. I stayed very spiritual and religious at the same time, because I knew God was in my heart and I was his child no matter what.

As an adult, I felt a little emptiness and a needed to investigate the unexplored, find the solutions to the mysteries of life. I had many questions of why? Why we are here? Can we discover simple happiness? Why this world is is so corrupt? Are the bible stories true? Why do we sleep? Reincarnation? Can it ever be possible to live in a peaceful and loving world? I wanted answers.

Not too long ago, my sister in law told me she was attending the kabbalah center in North Miami, right away she grabbed my attention. I asked her "what is that? She explained to me that it's a spiritual lifestyle and "technology for the soul". She seemed really happy and blissful talking about it. Next thing she lend me a book named 'God doesn't do miracles, YOU DO' by Yehuda Berg. I started reading it and a flush of wisdom went into my heart and great energy touched my being. I felt alive, new attitude and a new purpose in my life.

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music."- Angela Monet

The kabbalah center and the Berg family made the zohar and its teachings available to all languages. Their intent was not to win a Nobel Prize, but rather to bring simple happiness, permanent peace, and a never ending fulfillment to all humanity. One of their kabbalah principles is "don't believe a word you read. Test drive the lesson learned"



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