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Kals Electrical Gadgets

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Essay Preview: Kals Electrical Gadgets

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The century we are in is of dot com or use of internet. The internet has created a world where everything is eased. The creation of our electric gadgets online store has increased young customer’s ease of getting quality and cheaper gadgets. This has increased the demand for the products.

Kals electrical gadgets store will offer young customers with in Uganda especially in and cities nearby the urban centers with the latest gadgets at cheap and quality original products that are very expensive at other stores and poor quality

The difference between Kals electrical gadgets store and other E commerce shops is that we are focused on providing the latest gadgets at a quality and cheaper price in Uganda but mostly for the urban centers for the different cities and neighboring centre but for the age group from 18 to 32. Kals electrical gadget Store will advertise through social media platforms like face book, whatsapp, instagram and also creating promotions in different centers to show samples of the products we have but in urban centers were there’s a large population of young customers interested in those products.


The mission is to offer latest quality gadgets at a cheaper price to young customers or the youth


Accessible website that is easy to surf or favors all youth usage or surfing.

Establish an effective advertisement method like on social platforms, providing discount

Create a store gallery that shows clearly the gadgets we are having.


Kals electrical gadgets store will provide latest electrical gadgets to the youth, online, that are latest at a cheaper price compared to other stores. Swaibu the co owner of of Kals electrical gadget store will create a cost effective operation that will quickly transport and ship the electrical gadgets to the customer.

Kals electrical gadget store will focus on marketing its target customers in urban centers .the kleyy to marketing strategy will be staging events that will increase the visibility online store with the target customer base.


Swaibu is the co owner of Kals electrical gadget store


The startup cost consist of products, creating a promotion campaign and establish its website we are funding start up with with owner investments and long term business loan.


Kals electrical gadgets store will offer young customers with the following youth oriented products




Web cameras






The popularity of the Internet with young people has been well documented and has generated the launching of a number of online stores by companies selling to that market segment. Most of these stores have retail outlets in large urban areas that serve as the promotional vehicles for online shopping.

The Internet is an accessible shopping tool for our target population. 75% of age group of 20 to 32 nationwide uses the Net at home. The majority of these young customers, 55%, consider using the Internet better than watching TV. Families with teens are more likely to have Internet access than other households.

Online shopping by youth



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