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Invention Electric Guitar - Research Report

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Essay Preview: Invention Electric Guitar - Research Report

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Invention Electric Guitar - Research report

What is Rock 'n' Roll? Well, it's a whole new different music genre that was created in the late 1950s. And also it is defined by one of the most important and popular instruments of the last half century in American music, the Electric Guitar. In this essay I will be explore the invention of the Electric Guitar.

The Electric Guitar's history takes us back to 1944s, when the first solid-body guitar came out. It was built by Leo Fender, but without the help of Les Paul, Leo Fender would never be able to design the Electric Guitar. The Les Paul series and the Fender Stratocaster are probably the most widely used in rock music.

Have you ever wondered why in a music concert there is no guitar player, but there is violin and cello? When the guitar player played in the band, almost every single instrument would over power it. Even if the guitar player was able to sit at the front of the stage, it would not be heard by the audience. This is the reason why people liked Les Paul and Leo Fender wanted to create the Electric Guitar. It was because they wanted to increase the volume of the guitar. And by increasing the volume of the guitar, they electric the guitar.

The Electric Guitar made a huge impact on the music industry, and also to humans. Some of world wide famous rock bands actually got famous from the unique sound of the Electric Guitar, such as: The Rolling Stones, Twisted Sister, Gun n Roses, Pink Floyd, U2, and even Elvis Presley! Nowadays, many genres of music rely heavily on the use of electric guitars, and it literally defines Rock 'n' Roll. The Electric Guitar also lets us entertain and express ourselves through music.

In conclusion, the Electric Guitar is one of the best and popular instruments that had ever been created. It helps us relax and connect to Rock 'n' Roll, and eventually turned us into a rock star like Freddie King. It also helps us to be ourselves, express ourselves through music and to be the best that we can be. Today, the electric guitar is considered as one of the most creative instrument that had ever been invented, because of the idea electrifying an instrument. There are about more than 45,000 of bands and single artist in the world today used electric guitar just because of the powerful sounds that Electric Guitar can make.



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