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Kazuma Case

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Essay Preview: Kazuma Case

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Kazuma MuneKazuma Mune noticing Lagenzo started to charge up an attack knew that in his current condition he would mostlikely not be able to dogde the attack. Kazuma would show no emotion as he brung his zanpakuto up in the air as he pointed it out at Lagenzo. He would say his Resurrections call out phrase "Give me your Hapiness". Kazuma would then aim his zanpakto up to the sky as a ray of lightning would strike Kazuma engulfing his entire body he would whipe his zanpakto through the air as the lightning disapered. Kazuma's Zanpakto had gained an electric glow to it some what like a aura He also gains this around his arms and legs witch acts some whats like an armour if touched by someone else they will feel somewhat of a zapping feeling Kazuma is able to control wether or not they are hurt by it. It also raises his speed and agility. Kazuma would then extend his zanpakto back out infront of himself aiming it at the cero as he would say "Rai no Tate" rotating His Zanpakuto in the air creating a flow of lightning as it took the form of the shield from earlier baring japanese glyphs. Using this ability in his Resurrection made it a little stronger than earlier even do he didnt have time to charge it. As the cero made contact with it, it would explode only making it cause less damage on Kazuma then it normaly would. Being hit by the cero Kazuma would be engulfed in smoke and sent hurtling backwords a couple yards as he would smack into the side of one of the espadas towers. Kazuma would be stuck in the side of the tower in something like a crater his zanpakto only a few feet away. A few minutes later as he regained his contiousness he would pull his arms out the crater first and pull the rest of it out. Now on the sand Kazuma would keep coughing out blood as he would whipe away at his mouth, And pick up his zanpakto he would trie and position himself in a defensive stance.Kazuma would still be showing no emotion only some burns around his visible body and his jeans were a bit torn up.



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