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Kentz Corporation Limited Management Style & Strategy

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Essay Preview: Kentz Corporation Limited Management Style & Strategy

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Kentz is a global engineering solutions provider with 29 branches operating internationally. They provide engineering, procurement, construction and technical support services to clients within the energy and resources sector. The company started operating internationally in the late 1970s when it completed a project in collaboration with an American engineering and construction partner in Saudi Arabia. Kentz's mission is to build a better future and its vision is "to be recognized globally as the specialist service provider of choice", said Christian Brown, Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Brown also said "We are a customer-driven company that strives to be a partner and an extension of our clients' business. Together with our clients, we are committed to safety, Quality and cost in everything we do. We recognize people as our greatest resource." Their values rely on teamwork as they believe in working together to achieve organizational goals.

Kentz's strategy is driven by mission and vision of the future. Their mission is to accomplish a project to the complete satisfaction of their clients. In order to attain this, they set their vision to the milestone dates of their projects and plan their course of action in elaborative details. The company does adjustments based on their quality management system and within that system each manager would have a balance score card. The balance score card contains certain targets in accordance with the company's policy. The targets are reviewed after every fiscal operation and in accordance, either the policy is updated or the targets are reset.

The management style is more focused on providing a strong sense of direction to employees. They engage leaders to facilitate their staff in achieving both nature of direction and means of achieving necessary goals. Managers in Kentz trust their employees as the company sees that by trusting them they will be able to extract their potentials, but managers will interfere once needed.

The company sees that building strong relationships between their staff is the key to their success and that as well will create high profile teams. Employees are allowed to take decisions on risky projects but to certain limits as the company has defined lines and limits of authority, which means that each individual in the company has a certain limit in decision-making. Hence, employees are encouraged to make decisions up to a certain extent which does not go beyond their limits.

The success of the management style is judged through the success of their employees, however, the management style is mostly judged through the success of the company as a whole. They also believe that the more successful their employees are, the more successful the organization will be. Democratic managers in Kentz are also staff-aware, but instead of focusing on building social relationships, they involve their staff in the management of the organization. The words most commonly on the managers' lips are: "What do you think?"

Kentz's management style leans towards transactive mode, which means that their strategy is driven by their internal processes and mutual adjustments. The role of their top management is to empower and enable their employees to learn and improve. They are integral to being committed to the development of emerging leaders in the company. They identify talent in the company and create a structure that focuses on this next generation, training them and getting input from them on the direction of the business.

The company is less focused on growing the business personally, and more focused on growing the people who will take the business to the next logical step on its path. They are visionaries, patient and team-centered. Their view is much bigger, leveraging the strength of the people whose talents they've cultivated. The great challenge for the business owner is to grow from entrepreneur, allow for professional management as the company grows, then transition from operational to strategic role, as the Transitioner.

Kentz Corporation Limited has a premium listing on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. The company is incorporated in Jersery and the directors are responsible for the management and control of the company. They recognize the value of the principles of good governance, whereby the company follows the recommendations of the UK Corporate Governance Code. The board considers that applying best practice in corporate governance is an integral element in developing, maximizing and maintaining the success of the group and in achieving long term goals. It is therefore committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and to instilling, in the group, the related principles with which it believed business should be undertaken. This process is reviewed on a quarterly basis at each audit committee meeting where the group compliance officer and the committee review relevant updates and best practices in relation to corporate governance requirements.

Kentz is a global provider of engineering and construction services with 14,000 employees. It has served a blue-chip client base, primarily in the oil and gas, petrochemical and mining and metals sectors for more than 90 years. Its three global business units - Specialist Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Construction and Technical Support Services (TSS) - give clients access to worldwide resources and provide flexibility and skills to execute demanding and complex projects in some of the most remote locations on the globe. The company is ideally placed to support the growing worldwide demand for EPC contracting services. Its construction management teams are highly experienced in the construction of new plant facilities. Through its TSS business, Kentz offer a range of services for capital projects from front end and engineering to completions and commissioning.

It never came to a point that Kentz were forced to develop peripheral services. In actuality, these peripheral services are functions of the business units. These services in reality are short term requirements for the client. The group has been delivering top quality services to leading international clients in all sectors of industry and commerce since 1919. Managers in Kentz believe that



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