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Key to Success

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Kaisyn Lee

English 101


20 April 2017

Key to Success

    Running up and down the field, I could see the soccer ball at a far distance. Each step I took felt like my feet were sinking deeper and further into the ground. Just a few minutes left, I knew I couldn’t last any longer in the pivotal minutes of the game, but it was times like these that true champions showcase.  Moments of gasping air, fatigue at the final moments, I knew I couldn’t let my teammates down. Ball at my feet, I see my teammate open for a shot. Passing to him, he lost the ball and the other team scored the winning goal. Surprisingly, after the game, my teammate told me that he regret not shooting the ball because he didn’t believe in his ability to win. This is a sad confession from my teammate, but what’s worse is that his feelings are not unusual. We see it every day.  Today what is it about people’s belief systems that tend to set themselves back from pursuing their goals.

Grit might be what’s missing for many people. In the article “The Truth About Grit,” the author, Jonah Lehrer emphasizes the importance of grit and the ability that enables to bring successfulness into a person’s life.  Grit is a trait that shows people the ability to produce courage and strength of character. Having this trait unlocks possibilities to strengthen and develop the mentality of a person. In fact, grit can also help a lot in pursuing goals that need to be achieved. In today’s society, setbacks often push people away to reach their goal. However, people need to realize that the grit mentality freely opens the key to success.

    No matter how far we’ve come or how successful we are, we all do it every now and then. We freak out, panic. People feel like life is over because of a setback or failure that just ruined the whole course of the goal.  Setbacks constantly permit people to not reach their goal.  Often, people that allow setbacks to take over will not get far in life. On the other hand, people need to realize the ability to put in the work rather than relying on the traits already given.  Sometimes it’s the effort that matters most rather than the ability to finish quickly. This could be a reason why people can’t move beyond the setback because it will take too long to work through. However,  it is true they say when slow and steady wins the race. When setbacks come into play, it is best to put in the effort or driving force to achieve the goal. Grit refers to simply persevering and the willingness to put in the work. Taking a look at an environment like school, students often tend to the setback on their objectives in school which leads to poor performances in class. What we need to remember through is that “Nobody is talented enough to not have to work hard, and that’s what grit allows you to do.” (Lehrer 1) In school, it is best to do the simplest things to get the best outcome. Whether it’s being productive in the classroom, turning in the assignments on time, or passing the exams, working hard is not a talent. It’s something inside every human being on this planet obtains. Constantly, most people lack the tendency to notice that all it takes is a little effort to achieve a goal. This way of thinking is important for people to see that setbacks shouldn’t push the goal away, but rather much closer. In addition, when setbacks come into life, embrace the problem rather than avoid it.

   Being successful often means that when there is a goal in mind, the course of that specific goal should not be changed. Although, if it’s something not enjoyable then, of course, find something that is going to be cherished; however, goals are not expected to become quick. It may take a while to accomplish the goal but it is all worthwhile. An example of a time that grit showed myself that hard work can accomplish a goal was a time  I badly wanted to become a better footballer. At the time, I  knew my skills weren't enough to be where I wanted to go, so I decided that working out every day will allow myself to focus on my core muscles to get quicker on and off the ball. There were low points in trying to achieve the ability to stay committed. I wanted to quit, I could’ve quit, but I decided that my goal would be nowhere in reach if I’m stopping now. Today, I’m still in the process of becoming the best soccer player by learning how hard work accomplishes more than relying on what abilities are already given. Referring back to the article, Lehrer points out,  “It’s about picking a specific goal off the distant future and not swerving from it” (3).  An excellent way to stay on track towards a goal is to create a game plan. Think about the different ways you got through your last setback. What worked for you and what didn’t. Don’t do those things. Angle towards the strengths you have and execute them. Do what you’re good at, gain confidence to increase your momentum in achieving  success.



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