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Kimberly Case

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If Kimberly sought my help, I would tell her to think about career she wants to choose the most. She can write done her priorities and then make a decision. I don't persuade she to do any kinds of decision, after all, Kimberly is the only one person can make the decision about her life. I don't think Kimberly continue to stay in the restaurant is a good choice because she doesn't think that job is a for life job, either. Although from this case, I know the company will pay her MBA education tuition, which is the degree she wants to pursue in the future. However, I think at this life crossroad, Kimberly should make the decision now other than postpone the decision time. That is, if Kimberly stay in the restaurant after graduation and continue studying in MBA, after she gets the master degree, she will face the same situation. Therefore, I think Kimberly should make the decision as soon as possible.

I don't think Kimberly has done enough self- or environment exploration to make informed career decisions. First of all, I think Kimberly should ask herself what she wants to be in her career. She should decide what she wants to do in her career by herself. She can do some personality test on the Internet, which can help her to understand what types of jobs are more suitable for her. Since this is her own life, no one else can make the decision for her. Furthermore, from the case, I can feel that Kimberly cares about her parents' attitude. However, I see little communication between Kimberly and her parents. I think Kimberly should start to open a conversation between herself and her parents. She should not afraid that her parents may deny her ideas. After all, families are the ones who can share happiness and sadness. Through family we find ourselves as we give and receive support. On the other words, families always the one who will stick with us no matter good or bad. Therefore, Kimberly should try to speak out her truly ideas. And since her parents have more experiences on life, she absolutely can get advise from them.



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