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Kinesiology Case

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Annual Editions Nutrition articles/topics

A.E. 3 Fast Food

1. Public health advocates have been working hard to pass a state and local menu-labeling law, so consumers are aware of the calories they are about to intake. This law will post the calorie count next to the food item, in hopes to decrease or help avoid obesity and diabetes. Will this really improve eating habits? In a study, published in the American Journal of Public health, 82% of New York residents said that the visible calorie information affected their ordering. 72% said they sought out lower-calorie options and 51% said they no longer order that option. While these statistics are promising, menu counts are no silver bullets. I feel people will eat what they want, if they really want it. We are a fast-paced society, it is more convenient to grab fast food then to cook dinner or bring your own food. From experience with my own tight and busy schedule, I rarely have time to cook, yet alone grab something healthy from a grocery store. Also from experience working at Starbucks, I have noticed more customers ordering our 'skinny' drinks versus our typical beverages we offer, so maybe there is hope.

2. This article provides a scholarly source, such as, the American Journal of Public Health. I do not feel that it is bias because our nation is obese and we need to find a way to decrease it or prevent it. Working at Starbucks and posting the calorie count on our menu, has shown a slight change in beverage ordering. A lot of the customers, who drank caramel macchiatos, are now drinking it non fat and sugar free!

3. I would rate this article as a 3, it provides one credible source and a few minor sources. I know that this article is true as far as passing a law because the law has already been passed.

4. Overweight people are going to eat what they want, maybe we should pass a law that will educate the consumers on how to purchase healthy at an inexpensive cost.

A.E. 4 Super Market Shopping

1. Just because a food product says "100% whole grain" does not mean that it is nutritional. Many packaged food claims are misleading or confusing because they could be over packed with sugar and sodium. Supermarkets are your enemy, they neatly place products on their shelves with theory in mind, and they put the junk food at eye-level and the healthier food options on the upper shelves and out of reach for children. So not only are they tempting us but the children too. Have you noticed that on your way to grab some milk or produce, they create a path of unhealthy temptations, well that is intentional, they want you to buy buy buy. Miriam Nelson, PhD. Says it is best to stay on the outskirts of the grocery store, there you will



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