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King's Speech

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Essay Preview: King's Speech

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When the movie went out to the cinema I did not find the time to go to see it in spite of the positive criticisms of my family and the media. Armand proposed that we make the presentation about this movie, that's why I accepted.

Before seeing the movie, I knew Colin Firth for his role in Bridget Jones. Helena Bonham Carter was remarkable in Harry Potter, Fight club and Alice in Wonderland. We find them here in a totally different register but their performance is amazing.

This movie is a biopic different from usual clich├ęs which tell the life and the work of a character from his birth to his death. In the king's speech, the script resumes subtly a crucial moment of the History of England through the expression difficulties of a character. It allows at the same time knowing Georges VI who is finally the father of the current Queen of England and the English life of the 40s during the war.

Stammering isn't very famous, even taboo in our society, it's described in the movie as a real handicap in the daily life for the character and in the realization of itself. Indeed, Georges VI has to pronounce a crucial speech in the history of his country which has to make him credible to the English people. We understand that stammering isn't a simple physical problem but a real moral suffering. For example, when the hero misses his first speech in Wembley, he feels fear and shame.

So the director retranscribes exactly the link between Bertie his father and his brother. For example in the scene of his father's death, we feel that the hero have to overcome his handicap in order to make him proud of his son. We observe that Bertie has no difficulty to express himself with his wife and children while he blocks and stutters in public.

What's interesting in the relation between the speech therapist and Bertie, it's that the used methods are unusual because Logue puts in confidence his patient, he's more as a confidant than a therapist.

Finally what it's necessary to remember it's that the challenge crossed by Bertie who seemed to him insurmountable and what he was resolved, finally transformed him and allows him to reign untill his death.

The movie was very interresting for me because I went to London during the holidays of February and it amused me to find in this movie places like Westminster Abbey and also Buckingham Palace.



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