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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

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Essay Preview: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

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King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a king? Arthur's dream came true. The wizard Merlin had cursed a sword and planted it in a stone. It was written on the sword that anyone who could pull it out of the stone would be the new king of England. Arthur did not know of the challenge, but through luck he found the sword, became King of England, built Camelot, was given a magical sword and created the Knights of the Round Table.

Arthur found the sword by accident. He was with his cousin at a jousting competition. His cousin needed a sword and sent Arthur to bring one from the tent. Arthur could not find the sword that his cousin wanted, but did find a sword that was stuck in a rock. He simply pulled the sword out of the rock and took it to his cousin. The sword was obviously not the one that his cousin wanted. He asked Arthur where he got it. Arthur explained and his cousin was shocked. They went back to the stone, made Arthur put the sword back and draw it again. His cousin tried and the sword would not budge. Arthur's cousin proclaimed him to be the new King of England.

Not long after Arthur was made King of England he broke the sword that he pulled from the stone. Swordless, King Arthur meets the goddess of the water 'The Lady of the Lake' whom gives him an enchanted sword. The swords' name was Excalibur. Both the sword and the case were magical. The case would instantly heal any wounds and the sword was unbreakable. With this sword Arthur fought and won many battles.

Arthur was a very young king. He was only 16 when he pulled the sword from the stone. This made many other kings jealous. They declared war on the young King Arthur and his men. With his magical sword Excalibur and help form his friend Merlin (the wizard) he won all of the battles and peace finally fell over England. It was at this time that Arthur built his beautiful castle called Camelot. In the castle Merlin built the legendary Round Table for the many knights. This table was so big it had to be built in the room and each of the knights names were engraved on it in gold.

King Arthur's knights were a group of 150 very dedicated men that fought for what was right. The knights were very honorable men and the most respected knights in all of Europe. They were the protectors of Camelot.

The Knights of the Round Table set out to find the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus drank from during the last super. This upset the evil knight Mordred who declared war once again on King Arthur. In his final battle King Arthur was fatally wounded in the land of Lorgres. After he was stabbed one of his Knights, Sir Bedivere, threw Excalibur back into the lake. The Lady of the Lake takes the sword and King Arthur back to Avalon to be healed so he may rise again to fight when England needed him.



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