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Know Thyself by Aristotle

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Essay Preview: Know Thyself by Aristotle

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 "Know thyself" said Aristotle. When you know who you are, you can be wise about your goals, your dreams, your standards, your convictions. Knowing who you are allows you to live your life with purpose and meaning. I've had slips in my life where i didn’t know myself because i had not identified by values or my purpose in life previous to making this decision that could have changed my life drastically. On a snowy day in december of last year i was at a friend well call her erin's house, erin has two dogs which of whom were getting tired of being inside for the duration of the long winter, so we took them for a walk, we were on a trail going around a church of all places when we saw a bench to take a break when we sat down erin pulled out two vapes from her lanyard and reached her hand out to offer them to me and i politely declined to which she responded dude just do it, i thought about it but i wasn’t thinking about what made me... me and the things i would risk by doing it… but i did it anyway. When i hit the vape all i thought about was how good it tasted and what tricks i could do. As we walked the trail i continued to hit the vape and i started to get light headed so i sat down on the cold snowy ground and passed out erin didn't call anyone to come help me with fear of being caught by her parents so she waited and half and hour for  me to wake up i thought about what would happen if i kept doing it and i've never done it again. I've now learned my lesson and i won’t be vaping anymore. After that i had trouble breathing and i had a cough that just wouldn't go away so my mom took me to the hospital and i had flared my asthma and contracted a chest infection. I could have avoided and so can you by being more perceptive about the consequences of vaping. To really know yourself you must believe in what you know, your morals, your mind, your body. I've believed what other people have told me i've listen to people make remarks about my body that have kept me from living my best life. I've been called fat, ugly, been told i'm not good enough or that i should kill myself but i know myself and i know my self worth, i am worth more than fat and ugly. And i know myself so i don’t give in to all the people, when you give in to the people that say these things they know that they've gotten to you and then they have won you cant let these people win. You must believe in yourself you know you are amazing, you know you are beautiful, you know that these people don't matter to you, these people will give you nothing later in life. BRING UP HOME COMING !!!!!Moral of the story when you

know yourself you will succeed.



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